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Pricing: Courses are priced at $150/day instruction.
  • $300 for 2 day classes
  • $750 for 5 day classes
  • $900 for 6 day classes
  • $1500 for 10 day classes
Discounts: DDTW offers several discounts. Discounts are cumulative.
  1. Early Payment Discount: If payment in full is rendered 60 days before the start of class, students receive a discount of $5/day of instruction.
    • $10 for 2 day classes
    • $25 for 5 day classes
    • $30 for 6 day classes
    • $50 for 10 day classes
  2. Partner Discount: If two students register for the same class together, they each receive a $5/day discount.
    • $10 for 2 day classes
    • $25 for 5 day classes
    • $30 for 6 day classes
    • $50 for 10 day classes
  3. Multiple Class Discount: Students registering for more than one course in a season receive a $5/day discount on the second and subsequent courses.
    • $10 for 2 day classes
    • $25 for 5 day classes
    • $30 for 6 day classes
    • $50 for 10 day classes

Materials fees: Classes that involve building a take home project charge a materials fee in addition to tuition. Materials fees are due along with the remainder of tuition 2 weeks before the class start date.

Payment: A $100 non refundable deposit is due at registration. You must make a deposit on all classes that you register for.

The remainder of your payment is due 2 weeks before the class start date. If full payment is not received 2 weeks before the start of classes, then your place in the class will be given to someone on the wait list. Your deposit will not be refunded.

Wait list: Our maximum class size is 10 people. If you register after the class maximum has been met, we will hold your deposit and put you on a wait list. If a spot opens up, we will cash your deposit, and let you know that the rest of your payment is due.

Pre-requisites: All of our carpentry for women classes are organized around the building of an actual project. In order to delve immediately into the construction process, we have separated out the skill building and safety portion of the learning process into a separate “skill building workshop”. We require that all participants in the longer project classes complete the skill building workshop prior to enrollment. Applicants who feel they have prior experience which exempts them from this requirement should contact DDTW directly. These cases will be handled conservatively on an individual basis. A skill building workshop will be offered directly prior to each project class.

Cancellation: DDTW reserves the right to cancel classes for any reason, including low enrollment. In the case of cancellation by DDTW, tuition, materials fee and deposit will be fully refunded.

Student requirements: Students in the Carpentry for Women classes are required to bring their own set of hand-tools. Our classes are meant to set you on a life path of enjoying carpentry, and the tools required for our classes are a bare minimum of what you might need to continue at home. A full list and description of required tools can be found at this tool list

Liability Waiver: While Double Dog Timberworks is a safety-conscious organization and safety instruction is part of every class, it is impossible to eliminate the risks that accompany the use of certain tools, equipment, and materials. By participating in Double Dog Timberworks activities you assume responsibility for the inherent risks involved. It is incumbent on every student to participate in the safety training that is part of their class. It is also individuals’ responsibility to make sure they understand safe practices and the risks involved before using any tool, machine, or material. Students will be asked to sign a voluntary liability waiver stating that they understand their responsibility in this regard.

To Register:

To register for any class, please print out and mail a registration form with your non-refundable deposit to:
Double Dog Timberworks, 3285 Jacksonville Rd. Trumansburg, NY 14886.
Registrations will be processed in the order they are received.


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